Melbourne Cancer Course

A two day course in Oncology and Haematology designed to supplement the RACP curriculum for adult examination candidates.

About the Melbourne Cancer Course

Due to COVID-19, and the current restrictions, The Melbourne Cancer Course will not run in 2020

There is the option of purchasing electronic & physical copies of our course material. Please get in touch if you're interested. 

Dose dense oncology and haematology

The Melbourne Cancer Course is designed to supplement the RACP curriculum for adult examination candidates. This two day intensive on haematology and oncology is provided by Australia's leading Haematologists and Oncologists.

The course will provide the fundamentals of haematology and oncology and assist to explain the intricacies of these areas needed to pass the RACP written exam. The course will cover the major tumour streams including breast, lung, gastrointestinal, melanoma, genitourinary and gynecological cancers; as well as acute leukemias (including allografts) and chronic leukemias, lymphoma, myeloma and amyloidosis. There will also be lectures on non-malignant haematology and, infections in the immuno-suppressed from Melbourne's leading physicians

The course will also simplify the fundamental concepts underlying both disciplines including immunotherapy, oncogenic pathways, drug mechanisms, cancer screening, genetics, anaemias, bleeding and thrombosis.

At the conclusion of each lecture 15 minutes of exam questions will be given by the lecturer, with worked explanations to crystallise the fundamental concepts in oncology and haematology.